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Your smile plays a major role in the first impression you leave with others. It helps convey a sense of confidence and beauty and truly makes you feel good about yourself.

Below are examples of clinical procedures and cases treated at our practice in Richmond Hill. All dentistry is by Dr. Anthony Bastone and images are not retouched.

About the Procedure and Benefits
• The application of tooth coloured dental material can cover and hide enamel defects as well as discolouration and minor misalignment of teeth.
• Usually a single appointment procedure is completed

Case One Case Two
Dental Bonding Richmond Hill
cosmetic dentistry richmond hill

About the Procedure and Benefits
• Once the implant has healed from surgery, the prosthetic phase of treatment can be accomplished in as few as two comfortable appointments.
• Use of local anaesthetic at this point is generally not required

Case One  
dental implant richmond hillrichmond hill cosmetic dentist
dental implant richmond hillorthodontics richmond hill

Case Two
dental implants richmond hill

About the Procedure and Benefits
• Single appointment cosmetic procedure.
• No anaesthetic is required
• Worn and uneven chipped and jagged enamel is carefully reshaped to re-establish even and symmetrical edges
• Can be done on both upper and lower front teeth
• Non-invasive cosmetic procedure

Case One Case Two
healthy teeth richmond hill cosmetic dentist richmond hill
Case Three  
cosmetic dentist in maple  

About the Procedure and Benefits
• Placement of natural looking ceramic "caps" over existing badly worn, discoloured or deteriorating teeth.
• 2-3 appointment procedure once all pretreatment is completed
• Results are often dramatic

Case One  
dental crowns richmond hilldentla crown richmond hill
cosmetic dentist richmond hillcosmetic dentist richmond hill

Case Two  
dental crowns richmond hillmodern dentistry richmond hill cosmetic dentistry in mapleorthodontics richmond hill

Case Three  
dental crowns richmond hill cosmetic dentistry richmond hill

This Particular Smile - Makeover
• Placement of dental implants
• Root canal procedures
• Bridgework to replace missing teeth
• Porcelain veneers and crowns
• Results can be life changing

In such an intricate case a multidisciplinary approach is undertaken. Dr. Bastone will consult and meet with appropriate specialists to determine treatment sequencing and planning prior to initiating and treatment and throughout the course of treatment.

Benefits Include
• A complete smile makeover can restore both your oral health and confidence in your smile and appearance.
• Multidisciplinary dental specialties can work together to create or restore your smile to optimal health and function.

Case One
teeth whitening richmond hillwhite fillings richmond hill teeth whitening richmond hilldental fillings richmond hill

This Particular Smile - Makeover
Multiple appointment procedure involving the placement of:
• 8 all porcelain crowns on the upper teeth
• 4 porcelain veneers on the front lower teeth

Benefits Include
• A well balanced confident smile the patient has been dreaming of for years.

Case Two
cosmetic dentistry richmond hillteeth whitening richmond hill white fillings richmond hillCosmetic dentist richmond hill